Arianna Gasper is a 12 year old six grader at (Brooks Center for Stem and the Arts magnet Middle School). Arianna came to the Boys & Girls Club in third grade as a result of her Mother needing a after school program for her and her two siblings, cousin, and child of a family friend.

Arianna is a true leader amongst her peers and younger members. She is constantly challenged by her vision leader to take the extra initiative to complete a task, be a role model, and set high yet obtainable goals for herself. Arianna gives much of her credit to “Power Hour” where she receives assistance with her homework and tips on improving her study habits. Recently Arianna has taken an inertest in the dance program. As a result she has discovered a hidden talent and is even beginning to notice physical results. Her favorite activity at the club is science and technology because of the different elements of science that she enjoys. Personally I find this hard to believe. If you were to ask me what her favorite activity at the club is, with no hesitation I would say playing on her tablet. The majority of the time I have to break the trance she is under in order to say hello. Recreation is part of our formula for impact which encourages fun and leisure club time. Electronic devices are allowed but I still like to give her a hard time.

What’s unique about Arianna is her current GPA would reflect that she is very capable of balancing her priorities. I’m extremely proud to announce that Arianna currently holds a perfect 4.0 GPA. Not only did she achieve a 4.0 for the fourth quarter but she holds the title of the only club member with a cumulative 4.0 GPA for the entire school year!

After high school Arianna plans to attend college and become a Veterinarian. She also has a desire to give back to the community. We are extremely proud of Arianna and look forward to her continued success.